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March 2010

Hello Reader, The days are getting brighter, warmer and longer. A sure sign that Spring is around the corner. Happy Saint Patrick's day.

I'm glad to send you this third newsletter. I have added a few pages to the website.

Saranac lake Restaurants - Saranac lake is about 8 miles from Lake Placid.

The Sports in Lake Placid page shows the variety of sports available in Lake Placid NY.

Learn more about the Lake Placid Olympics on this page: 1932 and 1980 Olympics .

Additional restaurants were added to the Lake Placid Restaurants page.

On the Adirondack Lodgings page I have added links to Mirror Lake Inn resort and a Timeshares program.

I have included another photo tip. May it help you get better vacation pictures.

A photo tip from the photography coach, Ron Mitchell.

This tip is a Technique-less technique : I wonder what type of picture I will get if I try this out? If I turn the camera this way what will I get? If I use this camera feature what would happen? If I take the photo from here or that vantage point what would I get? Just give your creativity free rein and see what comes out. In history you hear about people just trying something new and something magical comes of it. So experiment, experiment and experiment. When using digital cameras you can see right away if you like it or not - if not you can delete the image and shoot again at no extra cost. Have fun with this one.

If you have any questions about this photo tip then please drop me a note by sending me a letter via the contact form on the Website.

If you are ever looking for Adirondack lodging or service that you can't find on this website then please contact me by using the Contact Form on the website. Please give me the details plus 72 hours to get back to you. I'll be glad to help you out. Please include that your are a subscriber to this newsletter.

Please forward this newsletter to others folks you think may enjoy learning more about the Adirondacks. Thank you.

The next newsletter should be sent out this Spring.

I'm starting to offer free 15 minute Photo coaching phone sessions. This will be an opportunity for people to ask me questions concerning their camera, ways to improve their pictures or to ask any other photography related questions. If you are interested then please call me at 585-473-0624 so we can set up your free session.

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This newsletter is sent to you from the home of Ron Mitchell in Rochester, New York. Rochester is a few hours drive from the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York state.