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November 2011

Hello Fellow Adirondack enthusiast,

I'm glad to send you the latest edition of this newsletter.

I have not sent out a newsletter for some time. I started up a new site which has been taking up my time. Now, I should be able to send out this ezine, more regularly. Thank you for your patience.

Here are some pages I have added in the last few months to the website.

Saranac Lake Ny

Lake Placid NY attractions

Digital photo tips from the photography coach, Ron Mitchell.

5 Tips for Taking Better Family Vacation pictures:

1. During your vacation always be ready to take a picture. Sometimes surprising things happen when families are together so you want to have the camera with you at all times.
2. Keep your camera batteries charged. It’s a headache when you are ready to take a great photo and your camera shows the message “recharge the batteries“. Charge the batteries the night before to avoid this problem.
3. If your camera has a Vibration Reduction mode, turn it on. This will help you get clear pictures.
4. Whenever you are taking shots have the sun behind you, if possible. The subject will be better lit. Plus your image will not have a lens flare in it.
5. Set the White Balance (It should be in the menu section) for the lighting conditions you will shoot under : Cloudy, Sunny, Incandescent and Fluorescent Lighting.

If you have any questions about these photo tips then please drop me a note by sending me a letter via the contact form on the Website.

If you are ever looking for Adirondack lodging or service that you can't find on this website then please contact me by using the Contact Form on the website. Please give me the details plus 72 hours to get back to you. I'll be glad to help you out. Please include that your are a subscriber to this newsletter.

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