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November 2009

Hello Reader, Hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall colors. The colors of the leaves are just blazing around Rochester, New York.

I would like to share with you that I'm retiring from my full time job Thanksgiving week after 30 years. I look forward to put more time into this vacation website, my photography and professional Life Coaching work. Also, I hope to get back to piano playing. That Piano has been pretty lonely for many a month. I hope to rectify that soon.

I'm glad to send you this second newsletter. I have added a couple pages to the website. One of the pages is on Golfing and the other is on Skiing in Lake Placid. Hope you enjoy them. I included a note on Exposure Compensation. I hope it helps you get better vacation pictures.

Lake Placid Golfing

Lake Placid Skiing

Some of the other pages on the site you may be interested in:

Lake George B and Bs

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A photo tip from the photography coach, Ron Mitchell.

Exposure compensation :

One of the great things about digital photography is that right after you take the picture you can see what it looks like on the camera’s LCD screen. One thing you notice right away whether the image is too light, dark or has just the right lighting.

Usually the camera in auto mode will deliver fairly decent photos. However if there is good amount of dark or light areas in the scene then the camera will compensate by adding or lessening light for the picture. Sometimes it over compensates so you will have to use the Exposure Compensation feature to make the picture more to your liking.

To activate this feature you have to press a button that has a positive and negative sign on it on the back of the camera. On my Canon Camera I have to press the button and turn the rotary dial at the same time. To make the image brighter then the dial needs to be rotated to the right, to make the picture darker rotate the dial to the left. Then retake the picture and see if you get a picture you are satisfied with. If not rotate the dial a little more and retake the shot.

When looking for a new digital camera you may want to focus on only those that have the exposure compensation feature.

Note: Canon is the trade marked name of the Canon Company.

If you have any questions about this photo tip then please drop me a note by sending me a letter via the contact form on the Website.

Please forward this newsletter to others folks you think may enjoy learning more about the Adirondacks. Thank you.

The next newsletter should be sent out this Winter.

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