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Vacations-in-the-Adirondacks E-zine, Issue #008 --
September 26, 2012

Welcome to Newsletter

Sept. 2012

Hello Fellow Adirondack enthusiast,

I'm glad to send you the latest edition of this newsletter.

Here are 2 of the most recent pages added to the website. Plus a picture and some ideas of how it was taken.

Old Forge - In the Western Part of this park.

Bolton Landing - Near the waters of Lake George

Digital photo tips from the photography coach, Ron Mitchell.

Here’s an early fall nature photo of Whiteface Mountain, one of the High Peaks. I’ll share some ideas of what added to the impact of the picture.

Rule of thirds was used when composing the shot. I saw the major subject of the image as top of the mountain. So I placed the top of Mtn one third over fron the side. If you don’t know what rule of thirds is then please check the June 2009 e-mail where I explained this rule in detail.

You see the beautiful early morning golden light reflected in the clouds . One of the benefits of waking up early is that you get that golden light.

The fog still lifting from the trees adds some mood to the scene.

Plus having the clouds and fog in the image gives the image a sense of motion .

If you have some nice fall photos of the Adirondacks please let me know via the contact form or call me at 585-473-0624. I can show you how to add them to this site.

Have a great Autumn season.


If you are ever looking for Adirondack lodging or service that you can't find on this website then please contact me by using the Contact Form on the website. Please give me the details plus 72 hours to get back to you. I'll be glad to help you out. Please include that your are a subscriber to this newsletter.

Please forward this newsletter to others folks you think may enjoy learning more about this area. Thank you.

The next newsletter should be sent out in a few months.

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This newsletter is sent to you from the home of Ron Mitchell in Rochester, New York. Rochester is a few hours drive from the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York state.


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